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Working & Learning with horses in Germany near Berlin

As a working student you have the possibility to join an intensense time with our without your horse. Within a minimum of 3 month (with horse or project horse. Shorter period is possible) you can gain a lot of knowledge around horses. You support us by managing working tasks at our facility Pferdehof Duif near Berlin in Germany and we support you by getting knowledge around horses. The video will give you much more information about WHAT and HOW .


If you have any question, please feel free to contact me by form.


How do I know if I would fit into the working student program ?

Students that fit in the team and that are willing to work around horses and that want to increase their knowledge. International students are welcome. 


How does a day look like?

You are fully integrated in the team. It is a 7 day week as our work define the well being of the horses and well being do not have bank holidays, weekends or vacations. It is always a question of communication if you want to plan holiday. On the weekend there are only the "horse survival work tasks" to do and clinic preps in case there is a clinic or a lesson. Working time is in the morning and horsetime in the afternoon. Inbetween there are several breaks.


What kind of work tasks are there?

That depends from the season but also from the situation. Normally it is about: mocking, painting, garden projects, cleaning. In general everything that makes sure, that the horses are kept healthy, that everything is nice, clean, functional and safe.


What are the requirements?

You want to be part of the team. You need dedication for horses but also for the work tasks, as this will make sure, that you understand that with every task you do, you make it more safe and comfortable for the horse and not for us. You need to by loyal, take action, be motivated, friendly, flexible and minimum 18 years. We prefer students that have a solid knowledge of horsemanship on the ground and in the saddle (Parelli Level 2 or higher) as you might be involved in the training of (young) horses. If you don't have a solid knowledge of Horsemanship you can compensate by being a very confident rider and the willingness of learning horsemanship principles. You need to have your own health insurance and if you bring your own horse, you need a liablity insurance for that horse. We are happy to help you with the liablity insurance for the time of your stay here. 


What does it cost?

This is hard to answer as it depends on so many different conditions. To give you an answer please contact us and have as many facts available as possible: How long do you stay, what is your level of knowledge, do you bring your horse(s) or do you need a project horses from us or do you want to join the working student with no horses. What is your plan of accommodation (flat or camping)? In any case we offer special conditions for working students. 


With or without horse?

Your own horse will be integrated in a very lovely group of mares and geldings. If you have an advanced level of horsemanship (Parelli Level 2 On Line and Freestyle) you have the possibility to have a project horse for the time you stay here. If you knowledge of horsemanship is lower than Parelli Level 2 we suggest to come with your own horse. The other possibility is to do the Working Student program without a horse. This is where a stay of minimum 1 month is possible. 


When is the best time to come?

Every time. There are always exciting projects. 


Are there more working students?

That depends. Most of time we have 1 working student at the same time as we want to make sure, that you will get enough attention from us. 


What is the procedure to apply?

You just fill in the form at the end of this page. We'll get in contact with you so that we arrange a video call by Whatsapp or Skype. That is the perfect moment to ask questions. The next step will be a trial week. This is very important for both sides. 


Is there and limit of age?

Yes and no. You should be minimum 18 years old. You must be able to handle the work tasks and bring the requested attitude. 


I will have a car, how do I do my shopping?

No problem. This is very common. Either you join the shopping tour with us or you let us know what you need. If you want to spend a day in Berlin (which is app. 50 minutes by train away), the station is 30 minutes away (bike). We can also pick you up/ bring you to the train station by car.


Can I bring my dog or my pet?

No. You want to make sure that you can concentrate on your intensive experience. Therefore an additional responsibility is not the best set-up. But under specific circumstances we have to discuss the possibilities so that you can bring your dog. 


How can I prepare myself?

Preparation is always a good thing to do. Make sure you arrange your doctor's appointments before your intensive time here. Bring clothing which is suitable for the working student program and which will suit to the season/ seasons your are coming.  


What if I want to plan a longer period than 3 month?

That is very common. We suggest that you start and all the rest will find it's way. 


Is there a possibility to work after my working student at the Pferdehof Duif?

We would say in general YES, but as always: it depends. This is something to be discussed in detail. 


Am I paied?

No. For your work the salary is knowledge and special rates for your stay and your horses stay/ the project horse. 


Anything else?

Did you know that we have an Working Student account on Instagram and a Working Stundent page on Facebook? Therefore ist important that you know these platforms and that you are able to manage them by posting posts and stories.

You might want to follow these accounts as they will give you better insights of the Working Student position.

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